Hope this document is helpful, if you have any feedback on this guide feel free to DM us on Twitter @erikabatista or @iiiitsandrea! Please note that we do not work for Clubhouse, this guide is a community-led initiative. If you want the latest up to date information from the Clubhouse team, visit their Knowledge Center.

If you have any issues with the app, contact the Clubhouse team directly [email protected]

See you on Clubhouse 😉

Welcome to Clubhouse! If you are reading this, you've been invited by someone who loves you and wants you to have the best possible experience on the app.

Clubhouse is a very special place for us, it has given us a voice and space to talk about topics that are important to us and to learn from others' experiences, all while making meaningful connections.

This onboarding document is a community-led initiative and our goal is to share some basic information about the app and some of the cultural aspects of the community.

😎 The basics